Committed to delivering the highest quality services


For over 20 years JDC Mediaworks has been providing effective end-to-end online solutions that don’t break the bank. No matter the size of your organization or company you will receive prompt attention to all requests. We pride ourselves on the personal and reliable service we offer.

Building a great site starts with a deep understanding of your organization’s goals. Because of this we emphasize the formation of strong relationships with our clients and focus not only on short term goals but also on the long term. We don’t just build great sites and then move on; we build great sites and keep them growing.


JDC Mediaworks has constantly been immersed in the web from it’s earliest days. As a result, we have a great understanding of how the web can be used effectively. We’ve evolved as the internet has evolved and we keep up to date with technologies so that if and when they become the right choice for your needs, we’re ready to make the most of them. We’ve had sites ranking number one in the search engines since before Google existed and we continue to learn and implement what it takes to stay there.

We are committed to delivering all our services to the highest quality standards.


We aim to outperform our competitors for responsiveness and quality of service, and for our clients’ return on investment.