QR Codes for Marketing Your Business

QR, or Quick Response, Codes can be a great tool when used in conjunction with your online and offline marketing efforts. Use landing pages such as this one to accurately determine their effectiveness. All visitors to this page have arrived as a result of the QR code below. Using analytics software that break down page views can tell you exactly how many people have responded to a specific marketing campaign. We can help you create custom QR codes for your business and also help you track their effectiveness. Ask us how or read more about our services.

QR Code for Tracking Marketing Effectiveness

QR Code Example

Above is an example of the QR code that most likely brought you to this page. You can customize your QR code with your own logo. Create as many custom QR codes as you like; one for every marketing campaign or even one for each aspect of each campaign. You can track whether the visitor to your page came from a code on a poster, a business card, postcard, magazine ad ...or even another web page or smartphone application. Using QR codes and other on and offline marketing tools, we can help you dominate your market.

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JDC Mediaworks explained the basics of building a web site and what our prospective roles would be. When the Website was published we got our first hit on that very day, which turned into our first job from the Website. We were overjoyed! JDC monitors the site and makes recommendations that have increased our exposure. We are still in the game thanks to JDC Mediaworks. I would recommend them to any business, big or small.
Barbara Cocuzza
California Muscle Cars